Got Engaged Got Married

We all wish for that fairytale love we see in the movies and I believe that we all have that too. It may not be that grandeur but it is there somewhere. You just have to open your eyes, feel, and let love in.

I know some of you have seen this but I just want to share it again.

Getting engaged to someone you love is the best feeling of all and what makes it more special is the effort that he did to make it more memorable and much more meaningful!

After the engagement of course comes the wedding preparation, it takes a lot of decision making from choosing the date, church, reception, theme the list goes on. Most of the couples end up fighting for the things they want in their wedding day but in my case. I never thought of what I wanted and that’s where my problem is. Rio’s just like “ I leave it all to you, I want you to be happy it’s your day” . Some girls will like that but I didn’t, I wanted it to be a day where people will see the details of the wedding that it is about “US”. When I explained this to Rio, he then realized that it is both OUR big day. He made time despite his busy schedule, he was hands on and to my surprise he was more meticulous than I was when it comes to details.

Check out our wedding video:

This is the beginning of my married life!