Mamas & Papas Sola City Stroller Review

I was able to know about Mamas & Papas by attending to their product launch. Listening to their presentation made me want to have my own Mamas & Papas stroller and luckily we now have one. We have the Sola City Blue sea.

When we got home, I started assembling it. It looks complicated to assemble but it’s actually NOT. It was easy and it only took me a few minutes.
Here are the features that I love about this stroller:
> You can customize the color of liner and hood of your choice.
> Big storage at the bottom.
> Adjustable handle (can cater to tall and small parents)
> Big Canopy that can protect our little one. This comes with a peek-a-boo window and a rain cover
>The front wheels can swivel and can be locked too.  The wheels can take on a bumpy terrain.
>Safety lock in the wheels
>You can recline the seat and can be forward facing or parent facing.
Now to the most important part of the review is our family experience with Sola City stroller.
The first time that we took it out was at the High Street, we wanted to try the stroller first before bringing it to our trip in US. When we arrived ,with no hesitation our son just sat on it and loved it! He stayed there the whole time.  When we returned to the parking lot, we tried to convince him to go down. He cried! This was the first time that he wanted to stay on the stroller. I was really amazed because we had a hard time to make him ride his previous stroller.
So yes, we decided to bring the stroller with us in our US trip.
Overall, we had no problem with the stroller. The ride was smooth and easy, the large storage helped a lot especially in shopping and our son’s diaper bag. When we go out, he rides his stroller and sleeps in it too (he slept for 3 hours max)  that’s how comfortable he is with this stroller. There are times that we have to change his diaper and we did it in his stroller because of the big comfortable space of the seat. I would highly recommend this to the mothers out there who are still looking for THE RIGHT stroller. We have a good experience with it and we honestly love this stroller!
Happy to say that this is a de la Cruz family tried and tested stroller!

One thought on “Mamas & Papas Sola City Stroller Review

  1. Love Mama’s & Papa’s both 3-in-1 Zoom Pram & foldable lightweight buggy! It may be pricey but it is indeed durable and worth the price. 😀


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