Have a Mott’s Applelicous Day, Everyday!

Last Wednesday’s event was a success! I learned a lot of things from fun facts to reading labels! So here goes…

The event started with a delicious dish, beef kebab served with Mott’s apple juice drink, from Earth Kitchen BGC. The place was just perfect for this event, it was like an indoor garden.
After eating, the program started right away with interesting introduction & presentation from different speakers about Mott’s and the goodness that it brings in the family.
Congratulations to Ms. Janice Villanueva for being the first ambassador of  Mott's
Congratulations to Janice Villanueva for being the first ambassador of Mott’s in the Philippines
Just to summarize:
Have you tried Mott’s 100% Apple Juice? 
     Yes! It tastes sweet and fresh.

Mott’s 100% Apple Juice comes in 2 sizes, 32oz and 64oz
Did you check the label?
     Yes! There are only 3 ingredients: water, apple juice concentrate and ascorbic acid.
     There is no added sugar and you get a lot of Vitamin C.
     The ingredients indicated are simple and no unfamiliar words for us to doubt.
Is concentrated apple juice better than the non-concentrate?
     Yes, simply because there is no additives in it ( sugar or chemical preservatives).
Is this healthy?
     Yes, it provides us with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
Sounds good right? Just what every family needs.
I know you want to try the delicious Pancake and Popcorn, here are the recipes:

Recipe 2 Recipe 1