I’m happy that my sister got pregnant first simply because I was able to learn so many things about handling the baby and of course breastfeeding.

Before giving  birth, I was a bit scared that I might not have milk right away and that my baby will have to drink formula. I just had so many things in mind, I worried too much. I really wanted my baby to have all the benefits of breastfeeding and also the special bond/closeness that we get from breastfeeding.

As I gave birth to my little boy, the first latch was quite painful! My nipple got sore and very sensitive.There are times that I thought of stopping but I never gave in to that thought because I know breastfeeding is the best thing that I can give to my son and myself. I just have to endure the pain and go on. I know that eventually I’ll get used to it and I did! Days passed and the soreness began to subside until it was all gone! Woohoo, no more pain! However, after a few weeks I suddenly I felt another pain its not my nipple anymore but my breast! I experienced a swollen & lumpy breast I panicked I thought I developed a cyst. I immediately called my OB. She explained to me that this happens to most breastfeeding moms when they don’t empty their breast. There is just so many milk supply!  I followed her advise to massage my breast, apply hot compress and most importantly pump or feed the baby until emptied.I’m happy that it worked!

Another thing that I experienced is little milk supply?! Yes this happened to me too. Here are the things I tried:

I drank Malunggay capsule- worked!

Tried lactation massage too and it worked!

Lactation massage showed me the clogged ducts on my nipple and how to properly remove it and also how to hand express which is very important for me.

Experiencing all those things completes my motherhood experience! My son is now 15 months old and I’m still breastfeeding. Breastfeeding does not only nourish my baby but also work wonders for me. I truly believe that its the best and healthiest option for my baby.

I know that time will come for me to wean him off, it’ll be hard for him and for me too. I’m just happy that I breastfed him right 🙂

Do you have the same experience as mine? I hope you can share with me your breastfeeding experience too!


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