Being A Mom

I really thought I’m prepared for this. I thought its gonna be easy
but it’s not.  No amount of books & advice will prepare you for this
because your child is different from theirs. What is applicable to
them may not be applicable to you. It takes a lot of physical,
emotional and psychological challenge to be a mom. It’s a 180degree
change of your life.

First, there is sacrifice.
There will be a lot of things that you have to sacrifice when you
become a mom. This will include your time, lifestyle, sports or
hobbies. For me, I don’t get to do what I normally do like the sports
that I’m good at and the life that I used to have. It is totally
different now and I accepted it already.

Second, there will be questions.
Everything you do now is for the baby. There will be times that you
get to question yourself, am I losing my identity? Who am I becoming
now? Is this the new me?

Third, test of patience
This is something that got tested the most. The crying, the throwing
of things plus my tired body. Oh boy! It is really hard to have
control. There are times that you want to scream, cry and breakdown!
Hey , it’s alright! I tried it! After awhile you will be back to your
normal sane self again.

Fourth, LOVE
despite all of those crazy things happening to you, the LOVE that you
will experience is much more greater than those.

When your baby looks at you,

hugs you, kiss you or calls you MAMA.

It’s all worth it! We
love selflessly, we become stronger and tougher in this journey of
ours being a MOM!! It’s a 24 hour job.We don’t have vacation leave, we
don’t get to have time-outs, no sick leave and no salary but the
feeling of fulfillment is more rewarding. It might be hard but then
again IT’S WORTH IT! I am a mom and I won’t trade it for anything.


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